Gift and Memorial Fund

The PPL Gift and Memorial Fund was  established for people who would like to make a gift to the library.  All gifts will be used for special enhancements to the library’s basic mission.  They might include new materials, equipment or special projects – items above and beyond the normal operation of the library.

Categories of gifts could include, but aren’t limited to:

A general gift in appreciation of the library.

A gift made in honor of a special person, to commemorate a birth, marriage, anniversary or graduation.

A gift to memorialize a beloved family member or friend or

A designated gift for specific materials, equipment or a special program, to enhance the library’s collection of books, records, videos, magazines, and reference materials.

The library’s Board of Trustees will be the custodian of the PPL Gift and Memorial Fund and will be responsible for all gifts made to the fund.  General gifts may be held in the fund until a specific need arises.  The Penfield Public Library will be grateful for the permanent and tangible support your gift will provide, no matter what the amount.

The PPL Gift and Memorial Fund is an IRS-approved charitable fund established in 1994 to receive and manage special bequests and contributions to the Penfield Public Library.  Your gift to the fund is tax-deductible by law.  Since tax laws are constantly changing, we recommend that you discuss the income tax and/or estate tax ramifications of any giving opportunity with your tax advisor. Every gift is tax-deductible.

All donations will be accepted at the discretion of the Library Director.   If you would like to help with making a gift to the Penfield Public Library, please call the Library Director at 585-340-8720.