Internet Use and Safety Policy

Internet Use

What Resources are available?

17 Terminals
Laser Jet Printing
Adobe Acrobat is installed on each terminal 

Is training offered?

A variety of classes offering hands-on training are currently offered on a monthly basis.  See the program flyer or ask at the Information Desk to learn more about these classes. 

Librarians will assist Internet patrons as time allows. 

What about technical support?

If you experience technical problems while using the Internet terminals, please tell the librarian at the Information Desk. If the problem persists after the terminal is rebooted, expect that the terminal will be marked “Out of Order.”  Technical  support  is limited. 


Remember to log off of all e-mail accounts. If you use our  Internet terminals to access your banking accounts or other  confidential  information, please be sure to log off completely. 

What limitations can I expect?

Length of use is limited to 90 minutes by “timeout software”.  At each Internet session, users shall be required to log in using their own last name and MCLS library  card number.  Internet users who have failed to bring their card should contact the Information Desk for assistance.  

Printing costs $.15 per page for black and white, $1.00 per page for color. 

Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by  an adult when using the Internet. 

PPL librarians do not have the expertise to offer assistance with the various  e-mail, commercial,  financial and travel services available through the Internet.  Experience has shown that users of these services encounter more technical problems than other library Internet users. 

Please Remember…

Attempts to alter, remove or add to the hardware or software configuration will not be tolerated. 

These computers are located in a public area.  All users must respect the rights of others by not  displaying on the monitor material and images that are likely to prove objectionable to others, for example nudity and sexual images. Staff members have the right to remove such images from the screen. 

Any illegal use of the Internet is strictly prohibited.  Illegal uses include but  may not be limited to the viewing of child pornography, the infringement of  copyright and credit card fraud. 

Patrons who fail to follow the posted Internet Access Guidelines will lose their Internet privileges. Users of the library’s computers and peripheral equipment are expected to abide by the rules of the library including the Patron Responsibilities. Copies of these rules are available upon request at the Information Desk. 

Penfield Public Library is not liable for any losses, including financial losses, incurred as the result of the use of library computer equipment.

Internet Safety Policy

In providing public access to the Internet, the Penfield Public Library shall be in compliance with the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act (N-CIPA).  Per this compliance:

To the extent practical, the staff of the Penfield Public Library will attempt to block access by  minors to inappropriate matter and visual images on the Internet that are defined by law as “obscene,” child pornography,” or “harmful to minors,” and to monitor, to the extent practical, use by minors of electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communication so as to prevent unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal identification as well as unauthorized access, including hacking and other unlawful activities.

The means for achieving the above shall include visual observation by staff to the extent practical, and use of filtering software as appropriate. Users are reminded that the Library’s ability to restrict access and exposure to inappropriate matter referred to by N-CIPA is subject to the limitations of filtering software.

The Library’s above stated policy to comply with provisions of N-CIPA shall not relieve parents and legal guardians of their ultimate responsibility to monitor and guide their own children’s use of all library resources, including the Internet. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s use of the Internet and to talk about their personal values and expectations for their children’s use of this resource.

Passed by the Penfield Public Library Board of Trustees, September, 2005